Essentials of Christian Healing

“When Jesus began His ministry, He read from the book of Isaiah and promised that His gospel message would not only bring freedom but healing to the brokenhearted. Wherever the true gospel is preached, people who have been broken by abuse, trauma and rejection should find deep emotional healing. Bruce Quinlan helps us understand the process of that healing with this excellent book. It will be a great resource for anyone who desires to be used in healing ministry.”
— J. Lee Grady, Former Editor, Charisma Magazine,
Director, The Mordecai Project

“This book is a rewarding read. Dr. Quinlan is a practitioner who has worked an impressive amount of psychological theory into his Holy Spirit-guided approach to inner healing and related topics. For those just starting ministry, there is here much help. For those already active in ministry, there is helpful insight to enhance their approach. The quantity and quality of the case studies, including that of the author, are a valuable feature of the book.
— Charles H. Kraft, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Fuller Seminary,
President of Deep Healing Ministries, and Vice President, Hearts Set Free Ministries

“What is so effective is that Bruce weaves his own story throughout the meaningful explanations of how healing comes through prayer and Spirit-filled counseling. I highly recommend this book to those in the mental health field, to prayer ministers, and to those seeking personal healing.”
— Judith MacNutt, Director of Ministry and President,
Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, FL.

“There is no question but that the Lord is on the move bringing deep emotional healing to people through the power of the Holy Spirit. Bruce Quinlan is an experienced and knowledgeable guide on that journey and has written a resource that provides both breadth and depth of understanding and practice. People who read and use this resource will be positioned for deep transformation, encountering the healing Christ in the places of deep wounding. Written by a wounded healer, this book is a must read for those who want to know if Jesus is still in the healing business. They will discover that He is and has never stopped!”
— Dr. Terry Wardle, Professor of Practical Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary,
Director, Institute of Formational Counseling, Director, Healing Care Ministries,
 and Director, Healing Care Ministries International

About the Author
Dr. Bruce Quinlan actively practices the Christian healing counseling he describes in this book through office and home care visits in Jacksonville, Florida and through web video conferences across the United States. Dr. Quinlan especially enjoys helping Christian couples experience the healing power of emotional bonding through a Christian version of emotionally focused therapy. He has a uniquely warm and spiritually anointed approach that combines divine Christian healing with what he thinks are the best practices of secular mental treatments. He also helps churches establish their own healing prayer ministry using this book and other resources as a manual. His boast is that he is God’s “crash test dummy” who now helps people heal based on his own success, brokenness, anointing, and advanced education. That education includes a Doctor of Ministry degree in Formational Counseling, a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling, a Master of Divinity seminary degree, an MBA from Kellogg, and another Master’s degree in business through which he became a CPA. He retired as a C-level Executive after 24 years of serving the healthcare industry as a CEO and CFO of many large companies. God’s surprising healing power changed his life and can change yours as this book so clearly states.

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