Experiments in Economics

This book provides the most important publications of John D Hey over his almost 50-year career in academia, concentrating primarily on his publications in the field of experimental economics. This is a field that has grown dramatically over the last 30 years, and John D Hey has contributed significantly to its growth and development. The papers included in this volume cover the whole range from individual decision making, both static and dynamic under risk and uncertainty, through games, bargaining and auctions, to markets. The author has contributed in all these fields, and has pioneered much new methodology.
Sample Chapter(s)
My Experimental Meanderings
Chapter 1: Mixture Models of Choice Under Risk

Contents: PrefaceAbout the EditorAcknowledgementsIntroductionMy Experimental MeanderingsRisk:Mixture Models of Choice Under RiskDoes Repetition Improve Consistency?Investigating Generalizations of Expected Utility Theory Using Experimental DataDiscriminating between Preference Functionals: A Preliminary Monte Carlo StudyAmbiguity:When and How to Satisfice: An Experimental InvestigationThe Explanatory and Predictive Power of Non Two-Stage-Probability Theories of Decision Making Under AmbiguityAssessing Multiple Prior Models of Behaviour Under AmbiguityThe Descriptive and Predictive Adequacy of Theories of Decision Making Under Uncertainty/AmbiguityDynamics:Strategies in Dynamic Decision Making — An Experimental Investigation of the Rationality of Decision BehaviourDynamic Decision Making: What Do People Do?Naive, Resolute or Sophisticated? A Study of Dynamic Decision MakingHow Far Ahead Do People Plan?Noise:Why We Should Not Be Silent about NoiseComparing Theories: What Are We Looking For?Are Preference Reversals Errors? An Experimental InvestigationWhich Error Story is Best?Experimental Investigations of Errors in Decision Making Under RiskMulti-Agent Models:Does Money Impede Convergence?What Price Compromise?Experimental Evidence on English Auctions: Oral Outcry Versus ClockDo Markets Drive Out Lemmings — or Vice Versa?
Readership: Graduate students and researchers in the field of experimental economics.
Experimental Economics;Risk;Ambiguity;Markets;Auctions;Bargaining;Econometrics;Methodology0Key Features:New ways of thinking how to experimentally test economic theoriesNew methodological approaches to conducting experimentsNew methods for analysing experimental data

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