Explaining Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy: Personality, Cognitions, And Cultural Mistrust.

Career decision-making self-efficacy is an individual’s belief about her or his capability to perform tasks related to the career decision-making process (Taylor 6k Betz, 1983). There has been an increasing amount of research on career decision-making self-efficacy, demonstrating relationships with several career and personality variables such as certainty, fear of commitment, extraversion, and conscientiousness (Betz, Klein, 6k Taylor, 1996; Betz 6k Sterling, 1993; Hartman 6k Betz, 2007). Clients’ career decision-making self-efficacy can have implications for the success they have in the career development process. It is important not only to identify low career decision-making self-efficacy in clients, but also to understand how to address career decision-making self-efficacy in career counseling. The present study explores three variables that may provide career counselors with some insight regarding how to address lower career decision-making self-efficacy in clients: Big Five personality factors, dysfunctional career thoughts, and cultural mistrust.

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