Faces of The Religious Demon

The material for this book began to be compiled in the year 2000. It was then that Pam met a young woman — Nydia Martinez- Kennedy. Nydia’s name was changed in the book to “OLA.” An active member of a non-denominational, word of faith church for several years, Nydia spoke in tongues, preached the cross, prophesied and enthusiastically participated in worship, prayer and praise on a daily basis. Yet, she was bound—consistently tormented by demons who projected blasphemous thoughts into her mind and accused and condemned her daily in an audible voice. One day, Nydia had a dream that showed her that she had 3 phython snakes inside of her. In her dream, Nydia was told “Find Pam and seek deliverance.” Nydia’s is a landmark case that brought forth amazing revelations. Toda, Nydia is an active minister, serving in Pam Sheppard Ministry as a deliverance counselor.

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