Facing Farewell

When is it the right time? Does it hurt my pet? How do I measure my pet's quality of life? How do I know if they are in pain? There are finally answers! Facing Farewell is the first book created by a veterinarian that is entirely devoted to helping pet owners make euthanasia decisions for their pets. You will learn how to time end of life decisions based specifically on your pet's medical condition. You will learn the best methods and techniques of compassionate euthanasia so you can be an informed medical advocate for your pet. You will be able to recognize the symptoms of animal pain and understand how to set parameters to define your pet's quality of life. Each chapter concludes with worksheets to apply the information specifically to you and your pet. Facing Farewell is a necessary book for any dog or cat owner wishing to be prepared to make the best decisions possible for their pet when they will need it the most.

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