Female Participation in Household Decision-Making: An Analysis of Consumer Durables’ Acquisition in Pakistan (Manpower Planning) (Report)

In order to understand the status of women in a society, it is essential to analyse their role not only in the public sphere but also within the domestic domain. This is, in particular, of great importance in a society like that of Pakistan, where due to high levels of conservatism, the majority of women seldom interact in the public sphere. Hence, their level of “emancipation” (and related well-being) to a certain extent can be assessed from their degree of participation in household decision-making and their ability not only to decide about their own preferences and needs but also about those of others. Household decisions range from economic decisions such as expenditure on various consumer items (e.g. durables and non-durables) to social decisions, such as those related to children’s education, marriage, etc. Due to their “lifelong” nature and the magnitude of expense involved, decisions regarding the acquisition of consumer durables are considered to be of greater importance than most other routine decisions e.g. daily purchase of food, clothing, etc.

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