Gnosis A Philosophical Psychology Concerning the Emergence of Individuated Holistic Intelligence

Publisher’s note on this book:

This book is a radical leap into the apex of philosophy, psychology, and the science of seeing what’s real for oneself. Written in a dense and penetrating style that is designed to induce deep thinking and thoughtful reflection, the book explains how to attain lucidity, a type of acute, profound awareness that serves as the fundamental base for Gnosis, individual illumination. It may not be an easy read the first time through, but it will be well worth it. The book is meant to be studied and reflected upon many times. This book is impeccable, more of an experience than just a book with profound information. It is a potent toolshed of ideas that will be of interest to psychologists, philosophers, social scientists, meditators, contemplatives, or anyone who wants to know what’s really going on and how to SEE in a very clear and luminous way.

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