God in Our Midst

Are we approaching the end of history, as we know it?

Wars and rumors of wars!

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East!

Pestilence and natural disasters!

Threat of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare!

Unmitigated hedonism and immorality!

Hitherto unparalleled blasphemy and sacrilege!

Is there any hope for mankind?

Journey with the author as he relives experiences in which
he is convinced God played an important role. Research with him as he examines
the reasons for so much suffering in the world. Analyze with him, a Book that
he claims has the answers to all of mankinds problems, and that reveals where
we are heading. Allow him to introduce you to the one Person who can make all
the difference as you prepare to confront the inevitable . . . deciding where
you will spend eternity!

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God in Our Midst | psikologx | 4.5