Graphology – The Art Of Handwriting Analysis

“I really enjoyed reading your new book and would heartily recommend it. It is a great way to learn the art without spending hours ploughing through the many books out there on the subject.” – Richard Osterlind

Imagine you could ask anyone to write down two simple words yet you could start telling them ‘what they’re like’ from their handwriting almost immediately – even complete strangers!

How could you know so much with so little information?

Well with the graphology system outlined in this new graphology book designed to be learned in few days, you can be giving interesting yet fun handwriting readings in no time at all – Here are some points to consider:

* Can be learned over a weekend
* Requires only two words to be written down
* Can be done for two or more people at the same time
* A great ice-breaker or conversation starter
* Once you’ve learned it, it’s almost impossible to forget

“Anyone that is interested in Graphology should definitely pick up this book.” – John Lumber

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