Handbook of Career Counseling for Women

The goal of this book is to give career counselors knowledge awareness, and skills to work with diverse girls and women to make their lives as authentic, meaningful, and rewarding as they can possibly be. It is designed to help career counselors work with diverse girls and women as they pursue the ever widening choices in their lives. In addition, the text:

*focuses on the history of the field and provides the social-historical context for its development;
*discusses basic issues and concepts in the career development and counseling of women;
*discusses the needs of women from different ethnic backgrounds, income levels, and sexual preferences;
*reviews critical gender issues in many forms of qualitative and quantitative assessment;
*describes the use of a critical feminist approach to career counseling;
*discusses dual career and dual earners’ career needs;
*focuses on the rapid growth in science/technology/engineering and mathematical (STEM) occupational fields; and
*examines the career counseling needs of women in management positions.

Handbook of Career Counseling for Women, Second Edition appeals to anyone interested in their own career development and those of clients, students, daughters, and other important girls and women in their life.

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