Here Come The Blobbies

Meet the Blobbies, winner of a “BOOK OF THE YEAR” award in this beautifully illustrated eBook!

– “Here Come The Blobbies” story.
– Educational pages about geometric shapes.
– The Blobbies’ Personality Chart.
– “Blobbiesong” Sing-Along video

A mystical gate has opened and the evil Hexacones are unleashed upon Blobbieworld. The seven youngest Blobbies are forced to escape to a strange planet called Earth, where they must learn to use their shape-changing abilities to defeat the invaders and reclaim their world.

The Blobbies have arrived, and the world will never be the same!!! With their unique blend of science fiction and fantasy, the Blobbies are a hit! Find out why kids of all ages can’t get enough of the Blobbies!

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