How to Center Your Marriage on Christ

How to Center Your Marriage on Christ – (12,000 words) This book is a workbook. It is designed to come alongside you to help you work on your marriage. It is not designed to read through once, place on a shelf (or back into your digital library), and then move on to the next thing.
It is a training document that can transform your marriage if both spouses are willing to commit to the content and the questions that are waiting for you.
The most effective way to read this book is to read a chapter together, aloud, while stopping along the way to talk about the things that jump out at you. Throughout the chapters you will find interspersed questions for discussion.
Take your time. Talk with each other often. Then, after you finish a chapter, spend some time in prayer and conversation, as you answer the questions that are posed at the end of each chapter.
My prayer is that this book will be a means that the LORD uses to bring whatever transformation is needed into your marriage. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the journey.

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