Influence Of Psychophysiological Specifics Of A Leader On The Style Of Political Decision-Making

Through understanding of what a “symbol” is, of its history, cultural application—it is possible to conclude that the influence of psychophysiological specifics of an individual on the style of decision-making mainly depends on the interaction of his individual archetypal complex with the environment. And, this requires efforts of philosophical, culturological, psychological, and other scientific directions in a single, synergistic approach to the problem of individuality.

German physicist Hermann Haken proposed the term “synergy” to describe the aggregate, collective effect of interaction of a large number of subsystems, which lead to formation of stable structures and self-organization in complex systems. Originating from non-equilibrium thermodynamics, synthesis of knowledge of natural sciences, synergy orients on the disclosure of mechanisms of self-organization of complex systems—natural and social, as well as those created by human hands. Together with synergy came the understanding of unity of inorganic and organic world, understanding that alternation of chaos and order is a universal principle of world order. According to academician N. Moiseyev: “everything we observe, all that we are involved in today are only fragments of a single synergistic process…”

The perspective that society is a social machine that operates according to “objective laws” is a pre-synergistic perspective. Modern natural sciences, science in general, and social life force to learn new synergistic tools of thought. Most likely, the approach to the problem of influence of an individual on the environment through understanding that this influence depends mostly on personal parameters, decryption of which requires joint efforts of various scientific directions—the approach is synergistic. This might allow to more clearly indicate the place of a modern human in the emerging informational society and to identify correlates of an individual and the social environment.

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