Intelligent Decision and Policy Making Support Systems

This book covers a number of representative applications of intelligent decision support systems applications in society and policy support, including general methodologies, case studies, on-going R&D projects, and practical applications. These applications cover Intelligent Decision and Policy Making Support Systems ranging from risk modelling for policy making, consensus modelling in group decision making, fuzzy data envelopment analysis, cognitive orientation in business intelligence, personalized pedestrian navigation systems, knowledge based recommender systems, Web resource discovery and selection, machine learning based intelligent decision support systems, handling uncertain and qualitative information, fault diagnosis, safety analysis, radioactive waste management policy decision making, Belgian long-term sustainable energy strategy, to nuclear emergency management. Major contributions of this book are highly related to the well-established international FLINS series conferences on applied computational intelligence (1994-2008) on this topic and some current ongoing research projects at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) in Mol, Belgium.

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