INTJ: Harness Your Gifts, Utilize Your Strengths, Find Success and Thrive As The Unstoppable “Mastermind” (The Ultimate Guide To The INTJ Personality Type)

This Book Is For The INTJ Who Knows They’re Capable Of More and Wants To Develop Into Their Best Self

Are you the kind of person who wants to make the most of yourself and have the most fulfilling career and relationships possible? If that’s you, then you must read this book.

When you buy this book, you’ll discover the comprehensive guide in existence to succeeding as your best self.

Sex, Love and Relationships

-How to find your perfect mate and build the kind of relationship that works for you.

-Learn techniques for avoiding conflict and positively expressing your feelings.

-Discover how to overcome the kinds of relationship challenges most INTJs will face.

-Are you dating an INTJ? Finally understand your partner and Learn how to avoid the most common INTJ “traps”, misunderstandings and heartbreak.

Discover Your Perfect Career

It’s not enough to know what careers an INTJ could do, you want to know where an INTJ will thrive and achieve financial success, happiness and fulfillment. That’s what you’ll find here.

Thrive At Work and Be Paid What You’re Worth

Discover the strategies used by successful INTJs to thrive at work so you can answer questions like:
-As an INTJ, what career is right for me?

-As an INTJ, why do I hate this job? Why is my boss such an idiot?

-As an INTJ, why am I so bored at work?

-How can I earn more money as an INTJ?

-As an INTJ, how can I be happier at work?

INTJ Secret Weapons Revealed (aka Your Strengths)

-Discover your natural gifts and how to apply them to work and social situations.

-Learn what INTJs can do that no other type is as capable of.

-How to harness your strengths and make yourself priceless to friends, lovers and bosses.

INTJ Kryptonite (aka Your Weak Spots)

-Discover why many INTJs have trouble with their tempers.

-Understand where your weaknesses come from and how to easily overcome them.

-Why so many INTJs suffer from ridged thinking? Why are INTJs so critical of other people? Most importantly, how do you cure yourself of it?

Also Inside:

-Unleashing your inner social butterfly. A special 8-part section on social skills for introverts. Some of the topics covered include: Making new friends, handling small talk, and how to avoid looking rude when you’re really just shy.

-10 Strategies For Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness as an INTJ

-Following Giants: Discover what famous INTJs have in common and what you can learn from them.

-An Introduction To Myers-Briggs and Personality Psychology: Finally understand what those 4 letters mean and how different types relate.

-The Four Groups – There are 16 personality types but these types can actually be broken down into just 4 groups. Understanding these groups can save you hours and allow you to quickly understand the core personality of those around you and how the two of you will relate.

The Difference Between “Getting By” and Thriving

Abraham Maslow put the desire for “self-actualization” at the top of his famous pyramid of human needs. Maslow taught us that we will never really be complete, happy, or satisfied unless we are striving for our full potential. That is why I wrote this book. This book is about thriving as your best self. It’s about thriving in a world where so many people settle for average.

Other books on personality types include brief descriptions of each type, sometimes with a few tips. This book goes deeper than any other book, website or guide and includes the reasoning behind the strategies so you can truly understand the INTJ.

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