Introduction to Islamic Marital Counseling

The imam calls upon contemporary literature in the fields of marriage and counseling as well as his own insights from years of experience as an imam and counselor for the Muslim community. Imam Yaki offers a unique method of presenting the material. His presentation style and topic content keeps the audience engaged, while equipping them with practical means to implement Islamic principles (Rhonda Ragab and Omar Elkassed from Los Angeles, California).

Some of the topics covered in this book are the following:
Building a strong individual
Building a strong family
The Islamic perspective
Premarital counseling
Family network and their influences on marriage

In addition to addressing proper manners (aadaab), Imam Yaki presents the aforementioned topics using resources from the following:
Main sources (Fiqhul Usool)
Secondary sources (Fiqhul Furu)
Factual findings (Fiqhul Waaqie)

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