Kam V and VI: Public Policy and Television

My work applies to a self-designed doctoral program, with a particular emphasis on media arts and democracy in television. This module will help fortify an understanding of learning theories as applied to education and democracy aspects of policy issues facing television, especially as the theories relate to domestic and international new related events. Breadth examine theoretical basis of processes associated with free press and communication within public and private television. The Depth portion of KAM V compare, contrast, analyze, and comment on media art and democracy theorists from the Breadth component with research issues of public policy in broadcasting television. The application portion of KAM V include an integration portion of the Breadth and Depth Section, in addition to, related material on public television. In addition, the application section focus on nexus between media arts and democracy of television. Understanding the nature of key nationalizing television is a critical aspect of society. In addition, KAM V include an analysis of factors that tie free press and television together and discuss concepts of meeting my objectives. Television is used for the enhancement of aspects of everyday life. Today, society wants education, information, and instruction and television provides the audience with documentaries or educational programs, creativity, and knowledge. Television offers a wide range of valuable programs and content. An integral and vital medium today can contribute positively to the education of society and peoples awareness of others. Television is one of the most powerful media the world has ever seen. In most cultures, television trends, creates public preferences, and drives public opinions. If television profits and the decision making process are diversified into local throughout the country, people would profit from television throughout the world. Throughout the book, I defines how policy shape and form television and speech.

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