Know Your Gene: Perfect Guide to Genetic Test, Genetic Counseling, Genetic Diseases, Symptoms and Prevention

This is a book written for everyone in mind. It offers great advice on genetic diseases and genetic tests by  impacting the right knowledge and attitude to people to visit clinics as regard prenatal screening and genetic counselling. It also aims to identify and recommend possible solution to genetic disorders.      

Knowledge in the general population about genetic counselling is still low, but this book tackled and provided possible solutions. It is directive and aims to explain proofs as clearly as possible, giving the individual a whole lot of family accurate information in a way which is quite simple to understand. 
Many people are still at risk at developing  genetic disorder but very few have direct access to expert genetic advice and counselling.Through this book, I offered the largest information on genetic, genetic tests and expert genetic counselling.

This book is a must have for everyone especially the unmarried ones, so as to build healthy families, improve fertility and for the general good of all. 

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