Less Risk More Reward

How to profit from the irrational decisions of counterparties.

If you have ever wanted to benefit from market and non-market anomalies, giving you the last remaining legal ‘unfair’ advantage, this book is for you.

International author and leading legal mastermind, lawyer Basil Nuredini shares his secrets and cunning strategies that he’s used for years to win major legal battles. Basil’s principles and strategies are ideal for key decision makers, CEOs, business owners and anyone who wants to be more successful.

In this book you will learn:
– How to use powerful strategies to outsmart your competition
– How to develop your personal Machiavellian sword
– How to position counterparties for a fall
– Essential ways to know when to trust and when not to trust your judgement
– Influential strategies to shift the status quo
– How to stop making bad decisions that haunt you and cost you for years to come
– Keys to removing the upside ceiling exposing yourself to ‘blue sky’

Good decisions change your life. Learn how!

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