Letting Go of the Past

Exhausted from the heaviness of the past?Ready to move on but not sure exactly how to do it? You are all too aware of the burdens of your past and how they still affect your life negatively now, even after all these years. Maybe you are worried that those burdens will be passed down through the generations unless you take action. But how exactly can you free yourself from the past?In The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results: Volume 1, Letting Go of the Past, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Energy Healer Marese Hickey offers expert advice for those who are now ready and willing to finally be free of the past. She has spent seventeen year’s offering clinical hypnotherapy to clients, showing people a way forward out of the darkness. The author’s writing style is conversational, relaxed, humorous and compassionate.This eBook contains free video links to clearly demonstrate an easy energy healing technique that has worked so well for Marese on her own personal journey, and for the many clients she has shared it with over the last seventeen years.If you have self-esteem issues that stem from a past that just won’t go away, invest in your mental health now and take the first step towards freedom today. In The Power of Inner Change for Outer Results: Volume 1, Letting Go of the Past, you will discover:How early emotional wounds affect us at every levelThe power of your subconscious mind to make lasting positive changesLearn and use a simple and effective energy healing tool for fast transformationHow to use this tool to change old beliefs that hold you backHow to use this tool to gently release childhood traumaScroll up and add to cart right now

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