Life Lessons From The Jungle

In an era when whimsy is often disparaged, this entertaining book uses an unconventional approach to discuss an integral function of everyday life: solving problems and making decisions.

Life Lessons from the Jungle: Naming the Elephant is an amusing tale, in which co-workers sent to a seminar suddenly find themselves in an unexpected setting. With a set of rules entirely different from those in their day-to-day lives, they quickly discover they must complete a simple task that can be accomplished only by pooling talents and sharing experiences.

The interesting personalities of the participants, along with the circumstances in which they find themselves, create an entertaining backdrop against which important lessons are taught – and learned.

Follow Loki, Leo, Petra, and the others as they learn truths about themselves, and those with whom they associate on a daily basis, while helping one another name the elephant.

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Life Lessons From The Jungle | psikologx | 4.5