Lymph Node Biopsies in a General Internal Medicine Department: Algorithm Or Individualized Decision-Making?(Original Article) (Report)

INTRODUCTION Lymphadenopathy (LA) is a frequently encountered problem in medicine, which can affect patients of all ages. The annual incidence, estimated for the general population, is 0.60.7% (1-2). While the differential diagnosis is broad, the main objective of the physician is essentially the same: exclusion of an underlying malignant disease. In a primary care setting, the prevalence of malignancy in patients with LA is as low as 0-1.3% (1-3). Much higher rates of 17-43% are reported in series from secondary and tertiary centres (4-10). So, while benign causes of LA are undoubtedly the most common, the risk for malignancy should not be overlooked and depends on the characteristics of the patient population.

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