Machine Learning for Decision Makers

Take a deep dive into the essential elements of machine learning. You will learn how machine learning techniques are used to solve fundamental and complex problems in society and industry. Machine Learning for Managers serves as an excellent resource for establishing the relationship of machine learning with IoT, big data, and cognitive and cloud computing. 
This book introduces a collection of the most important fundamental concepts of machine learning and its associated fields. These concepts span the process from envisioning the problem to applying machine-learning techniques to the enterprise. This discussion also provides an insight to help deploy the results to improve decision-making.

The book uses practical examples and use cases that will help you grasp the concepts of machine learning quickly. It concludes with a section on how using this technology will become a game-changer in the years to come.
You will:Discover the machine learning, big data, and cloud and cognitive computing technology stack
Gain insights into machine learning concepts and practices Understand business and enterprise decision-making using machine learningSee the latest research, trends, and security frameworks in the machine learning spaceUse machine-learning best practices

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