Making Christian Decisions in an Age of Deception

Christians, as never before in history, are being asked to make decisions which previous generations never had to face. Choices such as: Are you for or against support for stem cell research; cloning; the Right to Die; security versus freedom; major environmental legislation; genetic engineering; and pleas from a hundred humanitarian organizations and television evangelists, to name but a few.Sound decisions require an understanding of the morals, ethics, mores, culture, and social customs of a society. Christians, who must also answer to a higher authority, are required to know even more. What, if anything, do the scriptures teach that can help them sort through the conflicting claims and rhetoric coming from every quarter.It is the authors hope that this book will provide to the reader, valuable understanding into the decision making process itself, and help clarify all of the factors involved. While this book is written from a Christian perspective, anyone who is required to make important decisions will benefit from its insight, and increase their ability to discern the true from the false. As a result, it is hoped that they will develop a much greater confidence in making sound decisions.

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