Making the Chemotherapy Decision

Cancer is not a death sentence. Hundreds of thousands of people are cured of cancer every year in North America, due in large part to chemotherapy treatment.

Making the Chemotherapy Decision is a sourcebook for people undergoing chemotherapy treatment and their families. Updated in 2018 by medical journalist David Drum. this practical and supportive book includes information on the latest drug treatments, side effects, and practical ways to deal with them. Stressing the connection between body and mind in the healing process, Drum dispels several myths about chemotherapy and presents clear, concise information on patients’ rights, pain control, nutrition, lifestyle changes, alternative treatments, financial issues and more.

A complete listing of the 204 FDA-approved chemotherapy drugs includes information about each drug as well as the most common side effects, and many ways to mitigate them including an examination of medical marijuana.

It has long been noted that patients who actively participate in their treatment greatly improve their chances of survival and enhance their quality of life. To this end, Making the Chemotherapy Decision provides information and support to work with your medical doctors and caregivers on your recovery from cancer. In addition, the book includes several stories of real people who have experienced and benefited from chemotherapy.

“David Drum has succeeded admirably in explaining cancer chemotherapy to the patient and his or her family and friends. Making the Chemotherapy Decision is well-grounded scientifically, but carries explanations that are practical and easy to understand.”
— Malin Dollinger, M.D., F.A.C.P.

“A powerhouse of help and encouragement for anyone who accepts cancer as a curable illness, not a death sentence.”

“Making the Chemotherapy Decision is a valuable and supportive resource that walks you through the chemotherapy experience. It answers the most commonly asked questions and provides clinical information in an understandable way.”
— Selma R. Schimmel, founder of Vital Options

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