Metaphor: Its Therapeutic Use and Construction

This book helps counselors/therapists in all treatment modalities effectively use the extended metaphor as a therapeutic tool. It is a needed addition to every therapist’s tool kit. The book will show you how to create a personalized and carefully constructed metaphor to reach a resistant client. This is especially important when we consider that each client is an individual and requires treatment specific to his or her needs. 

You will find a detailed description of the components used to create original therapeutic metaphors in a step-by-step fashion along with a rich and varied collection of metaphor examples. Two full-length annotated metaphors are provided to help you effect positive change in your clients. This book is a must for all mental health professionals.

“As a practicing clinician, I found this book to be interesting and intellectually stimulating. The author’s wide-ranging and insightful examination of the uses of metaphor can help any thoughtful practitioner. It deserves a spot on every psychotherapist’s bookshelf.”
–Linda C. Saisselin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Private Practice, New York City

“Martin Cohen gave a very thorough explanation of the value of metaphors and why they are important in life and useful in therapy. The metaphors he presents are very helpful, especially the two that are annotated at the end of the book.”
–Hope Lane, Therapist, Center for Family Development, Eugene, Oregon

“I think this book is an important subject and will be very useful. I found myself today using a metaphor with a private client and revisited the book to make sure I was remembering my thoughts about it.”
–Zanne Miller, Licensed Professional Counselor, Private Practice

“As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Art Therapist, story is very helpful for my clients. Martin Cohen breaks things down and makes the concepts accessible for therapists. I especially appreciate the powerful results of the tools that he astutely lays out in this groundbreaking and accessible book.”
–Judith Ana Castro, Therapist, Center for Family Development, Eugene, Oregon

“The reading is thoroughly researched, and I enjoyed it. I can see the applicability of the metaphor tool across all psychotherapeutic approaches when direct speech doesn’t quite reach the client. It’s a very practical book. I was able to immediately use an example from it with a client of mine who had been suffering from complicated grief for years.”
–Tatiana Sporea, Integrated Behavioral Health Therapist, Eugene, Oregon

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