Mobilizing Technology and Teams for Better Decision-Making

“Mobilizing technology and teams for better decision-making” is the results from a global internet survey on how organizations use business intelligence software in decision-making.

Businesses around the world were asked to benchmark how technology is being used to help make better decisions. The results revealed that those companies who use advanced technology to drive business decisions were reaping the rewards of stronger financial performance. In 2008, the primary uses of decision-making software centered on goals, objectives, and strategies. The economic turmoil between 2008 and 2011 intensified the use of Business Intelligence. 

The research answers the questions:  How companies use technology? What are the most agile and competitive businesses doing with their information?

The study found that business Intelligence is a mainstream, must have technology! Specifically, “In some cases, performance improvements in the 30%-60% range were reported, often within a short time after implementation of new technologies. In addition to producing such immediate results, BICCs [Business Intelligence Competency Centers] also help to sustain the performance edge.”

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