Are you often categorized as a “nice guy,” but most women you socialize with see you as nothing more than a platonic friend? You need to read MODE ONE.

Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie outlines the “Four Modes of Verbal Communication” and offers his own brand of knowledge and wisdom to single men in order to help them improve their romantic and sexual success with women.

MODE ONE is designed to help primarily three groups of men:

– Men who are dreadfully afraid to approach and initiate conversations with women;

– Men who are confident enough to approach women and converse with them, but they make the mistake of engaging in too much unproductive “fluff talk”;

– Men who are so afraid of criticisms from women and/or rejection from women that they tend to exhibit behavior that is dishonest, disingenuous, duplicitous, and/or misleading and manipulative toward women;

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