MUD Making Unwise Decisions

Janis has a horrible secret, she can never tell anybody especially her only child, Mary. She was cursed after falling in love with a guy coming out of prison. He passed her and their child a gift that never stops giving. Over the years she has managed to hide the secret from her unsuspecting daughter by smuggling medication in her morning juice that she forces her to drink every day. But Mary has fallen in love, and in her eyes Stewmeat is a great guy. Stewmeat on the other hand doesn’t love nobody, he is incapable of love because love simply has never existed in his world…he has a plan and that plan includes Mary and three of his unsuspecting high school buddies. His plan is to take advantage of Mary but at the end of the event, it’s Mary and her secret that takes advantage of these three boys. This virgin has a bombshell of a secret.

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