Multi-stakeholder Decision Making For Complex Problems: A Systems Thinking Approach With Cases

In the complex world of today, important policy and business decisions are still made with a 17th Century reductionist mindset and approach. Yet, complex challenges such as climate change, poverty, public health, security, energy futures, and sustainability transcend any single science, discipline or agency. Rather, they require integration of social, economic, cultural, political, and environmental concerns to achieve acceptable and sustainable outcomes. This entails synthesis of diverse knowledge and perspectives in a transparent and unifying decision-making process, engaging stakeholders with competing interests, perspectives, and agendas under uncertain and often adversarial conditions.

Multi-Stakeholder Decision Making for Complex Problems — A Systems Thinking Approach with Cases brings together a unique self-contained volume to address this challenge. The book introduces the systems approach in non-technical language for multi-issue, multi-stakeholder decision making supplemented by numerous case studies including business, economics, healthcare, agriculture, energy, sustainability, policy, and planning. The book provides a fresh and timely approach with practical tools for dealing with complex challenges facing evolving global business and society today.

Contents:Four Levels of thinking;Feedback Loops (Reinforcing and Balancing);Behaviors over Time Graphs;Casual Loop Modelling;Law of Leverage;Delay;Decision Making Pitfalls;Learning Lab (LLab);International Cases Studies;
Readership: Graduate students and researchers specializing in decision sciences; managers and decision makers in organizations.
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