Narcissism In a Nutshell: The Mind-Boggling Behaviors Behind the Narcissist’s Relationship Agenda

Do you suspect that your partner is a narcissist…an emotional manipulator? If so, how can you know for sure? Connecting the dots between behaviors is the key to recognizing the differences between partners who simply behave badly and those that follow a narcissistic relationship agenda. Yet another amazingly intuitive book from author and narcissist abuse recovery coach Zari Ballard (, Narcissism in A Nutshell provides the definitive answers about narcissism (in relationships) that we all need to safely navigate within today’s social circles – answers intended to take the guesswork out of this particular relationship equation. In typical conversational style, she exposes the mind-boggling behaviors that define the narcissist’s pathological relationship agenda and shows the reader exactly how to connect the dots.

In relationships, within social networking, and across dating websites, narcissism is running rampant in epidemic proportions. Learning to recognize the signs/behaviors of someone with a narcissistic personality can prevent this type of predatory abuse from happening to you at all OR if you’re already involved, the knowledge will give you the confidence to finally (and permanently) go “no contact” and exit the game.

Here’s a nutshell version of how a narcissist’s mind-boggling behaviors connect from one to the other: The love-bombing described in Chapter I evolves into the future-faking in Chapter III in the same way that the silent treatment described in Chapter VI is a direct result of the managing down of expectations explained in Chapter VIII in the same way that the pathological lying in Chapter II along with the Cell Phone Game of Chapter V, the triangulation revealed in Chapter X, and the projection of Chapter XIII is all part of the chaos creation described in Chapter XII! Together and combined, they enable the overall mindset that allows the narcissist to perpetuate – and get away with – the “love” juggling exposed in Chapter VII. And those are just a FEW of the many ways that we can connect the dots within this book.

Like Zari’s widely popular first book, When Love Is a Lie, this little handbook of bad relationship behaviors is filled with personal anecdotes, grown-up humor, and a wealth of valuable information for these perilous “relationship” times. Buy this book today and get ready for an “a-ha” moment.

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