Narrative Interventions in Post-modern Guidance and Career Counseling

This book presents an international review of the principle new post-modern narrative interventions in Guidance and Career Counseling. With contributions from the most important scholars in the field this volume presents new qualitative approaches and tools to assess the effectiveness of narrative interventions. It provides a critically needed review of case studies regarding the most innovative and updated interventions. This volume explores the field of Guidance and Career Counseling according to the most recent post-modern theories in career construction, life construction and life meaning, the psychology of working and the relational theory of working. It offers an international perspective for the application of effective post-modern Guidance and Career Counseling interventions to facilitate individuals’ life and career management. The volume serves as a fundamental instrument and reference for researchers, professionals, counselors, career counselors, professors, and students interested in the field.

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Narrative Interventions in Post-modern Guidance and Career Counseling | psikologx | 4.5