Narrative Theory: A Career Counseling Approach for Adolescents of Divorce (Report)

Adolescents whose parents divorce face academic and vocational impediments that challenge their career options. Although divorce does not affect all children uniformly, research confirms that, overall, divorce negatively influences academic performance and behavioral adjustment (Peris & Emery, 2004; Ruschena, Prior, Sanson, & Smart, 2005), access to vocationally enhancing resources and levels of educational attainment (Amato & Cheadle, 2005; Kelly & Emery, 2003), and future income (Hetherington & Stanley-Hagan, 1999). Career counseling using a narrative approach, which recognizes the life-altering influences of parental divorce, appears to have promise for fostering resilience in adolescents and improving their career prospects. **********

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