Neurosurgical Decision Making Course

Part 1 of the Neurosurgical Decision Making Course contains the following subjects – The Essential Neurological Examination &  Interpretation Of The Non-Contrast Head CT.

The entire 79 minutes of audio for both parts of this series is included at the beginning of this book.  Subject-specific audio is also included below each illustration. 

The Core Objectives for both parts of this course are:

1. Review essential neurological exam techniques
2. Review practical clinical neuroanatomy
3. Accurately interpret head CT examinations
4. Decisively determine treatment strategies using examination and radiological information
5. Accurately place and use an ICP monitor, and 
6. Adhere to theatre clinical pathway guidelines

The following is the Course Breakdown of the entire course:

1. Introduction
2. The Essential Neurological Examination
3. Interpretation of the Non-Contrast Head CT 
(end Part 1 – this book)

(begin Part 2 – the next book in the series)
4. Abnormal CT Findings and Neurosurgical Decision Making
5. Intracranial Pressure Monitoring, and 
6. Neurosurgical Clinical Pathway Guidelines
(end Part 2 – the next book in the series)

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