New Paradigm Psychology

What if there was a way, not just to help people get over the bad times, but to help them achieve to the utmost of their potential? A way to be with clients and be absolutely our best without getting burnt out, drained or exhausted? New Paradigm Psychology addresses these questions by introducing the idea of energetic interactions between the therapist and their clients, and then showing how to manage boundaries around these interactions to prevent feeling exhausted or drained or even depressed and anxious after interactions. It also discusses the importance of ‘psycho-spiritual’ qualities such as hope, unconditional love, and compassion in practice. New Paradigm Psychology is both for very experienced as well as new therapists. Importantly, it is not a new therapy, but instead gives new skills and strategies that can be used alongside the therapist’s choice of framework.

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New Paradigm Psychology | psikologx | 4.5