Oral Candidosis

Candidoses and the problems associated with them are becoming more and more common, a circumstance directly linked to the increasing number of people under immunosuppressive medication, the rising incidence of diabetes, the aging population, and other predisposing factors. Recent studies have demonstrated that these mycoses are more complex than previously believed and that candidal virulence determinants contribute to a wider and deeper manifestation of such diseases. Moreover, Candida spp. strains are developing elegant mechanisms to circumvent the action of antimycotics.

This book on oral candidosis is for dentists and related professionals who require a straightforward update on the important new advances relating to physiopathology, virulence, and treatment. Essential concepts and advanced discoveries are presented in user-friendly language with the aim of providing a trustworthy reference guide that can be rapidly consulted whenever necessary. The rich and colorful photos have been carefully chosen to illustrate each theme and provide the reader with helpful visual support; informative diagrams, tables, and charts are also included.

The authors – dentists, physicians, and pharmacists – have been selected on the basis of their expertise and scientific reputation. All of these “candidologists” have invested great effort in generating a unique and remarkable work that successfully translates scientific jargon into clinically relevant language.

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