Exploratory Study of Common and Challenging Ethical Dilemmas Experienced by Professional School Counselors.

Results of a survey asking public school counselors in Virginia to indicate their most common and most challenging ethical dilemmas are presented. Ninety-two school counselors reported that the most common and challenging ethical dilemmas included those involving student confidentiality, dual relationship with faculty, parental rights, and acting on information of student danger to themselves or […]

Murderous Minds

“Part true crime, part neuroscience and a page-turner from start to finish,” this is a look at the biology behind violent psychopathic behavior (Kirkus Reviews). How many times have you seen a murder on the news or on a TV show like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and said to yourself, “How could someone do something […]

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Programs: The Evolution of Accountability.

This article traces the evolution of accountability from the 1920s to 2003. Attention is given to expressions of concern about the need for accountability as well as recommendations for school counselors about how to be accountable. Then a sampling of empirical studies that provide evidence of the impact of guidance and counseling programs is presented. […]

Never Go Back

Dr. Henry Cloud, bestselling author of the Boundaries series, offers a life-changing book that provides ten strategies for overcoming self-defeating life patterns that will help you redirect your mistakes and make way for success—physically, personally, and spiritually. Everyone makes mistakes, big and small. Sometimes our mistakes take us down the wrong path and send us […]

Decision Making in Water Resources Policy and Management (Enhanced Edition)

Decision-Making in Water Resource Policy and Management: An Australian Perspective presents the latest information in developing new decision-making processes. Topics covered include key aspects of water resources planning, recent water resource policy changes in irrigation, urban, and environmental considerations, the evolution of a water market, a number of case studies that provide real examples of […]

Conducting Adolescent Violence Risk Assessments: A Framework for School Counselors.

There have been numerous publications devoted to preventing violence and bullying in schools, resulting in school counselors being well equipped with school-wide violence prevention ideas and programs. Despite these violence prevention efforts, some students may pose a threat to others and thus may require a comprehensive assessment for violence risk, especially targeted violence. The purpose […]

Decision Making with Dominance Constraints in Two-Stage Stochastic Integer Programming

Two-stage stochastic programming models are considered as attractive tools for making optimal decisions under uncertainty. Traditionally, optimality is formalized by applying statistical parameters such as the expectation or the conditional value at risk to the distributions of objective values. Uwe Gotzes analyzes an approach to account for risk aversion in two-stage models based upon partial […]

School Counselor Induction and the Importance of Mattering (Report)

This study explored the personal and professional needs of novice school counselors and the ways in which they feel mattered through qualitative methodology. Findings revealed that mattering manifested through interactions with administrators, positive student connections and student success, and collaborations with others. Factors that reduced feelings of mattering included lack of formal interaction with administrators, […]