Aging and Decision Making (Enhanced Edition)

Decisions large and small play a fundamental role in shaping life course trajectories of health and well-being: decisions draw upon an individual’s capacity for self-regulation and self-control, their ability to keep long-term goals in mind, and their willingness to place appropriate value on their future well-being.  Aging and Decision Making addresses the specific cognitive and […]

Critical Incidents in the Development of Supportive Principals: Facilitating School Counselor–Principal Relationships.

The qualitative study in this article explores critical incidents that may facilitate the support a principal provides for a school counseling program. Through structured interviews, supportive principals are asked to reflect on their prior experiences with school counselors, their educational exposure to school counseling, and their recommendations for school counselors. Results suggest that by demonstrating […]

Decision Making in Radiation Oncology

Decision Making in Radiation Oncology is a reference book designed to enable radiation oncologists, including those in training, to make diagnostic and treatment decisions effectively and efficiently. The orientation of this groundbreaking publication is entirely practical, in that the focus is on issues relating to cancer management. The design has been carefully chosen based on […]

Informing Principals: The Impact of Different Types of Information on Principals’ Perceptions of Professional School Counselors (Report)

The study in this article provided principals with different types of information about professional school counseling and examined the impact on their perceptions. Results demonstrated that information about the ASCA National Model[R] influenced principals’ perceptions of the amount of time counselors should allocate to delivery of the guidance curriculum, system support, and responsive services, as […]

Aberraciones Psíquicas del Sexo

Aberraciones Psíquicas del Sexo, subtitulada «o del Conde Gabalis», es una obra de las más interesantes del teósofo y ateneísta español Mario Roso de Luna. En ella, utilizando las enseñanzas y andanzas del tal conde, Roso de Luna aprovecha para adentrarse en los misterios esotéricos del sexo, de los íncubos u súcubos que habitan las […]

Reducing Levels of Elementary School Violence with Peer Mediation.

The effectiveness of an existing peer mediation program in a diverse, suburban elementary school was examined. Peer mediation was available to all students (N = 825). Three-year longitudinal data showed significant reductions in the school’s out-of-school suspensions after implementation of the peer mediation program. Mediation training also resulted in significant mediator knowledge gains pertaining to […]

Addiction to Love

Love addiction manifests in many forms, from Fatal Attraction-type obsessive lust to less extreme but nonetheless psychologically and emotionally harmful forms. The most common of these is staying in a bad relationship because of a fear of being alone-the “I hate you but don’¬?t leave me” relationship. In ADDICTION TO LOVE, recovering love addict Susan […]