Factors Influencing the Educational and Vocational Transitions of Black and Latino High School Students.

This article discusses individual, structural, and cultural factors that shape the educational and vocational transitions of graduating high school Black and Latino students. Implications of such factors for school counselors who wish to facilitate these adolescents’ career development also are presented. ********** Download Now Read Online

Involving Low-Income Parents in the Schools: Communitycentric Strategies for School Counselors (Report)

Low-income parents participate less in schools than higher-income parents despite the benefits of parent involvement. Barriers that low-income parents face suggest that schools must develop a new approach to engaging these parents. School counselors can play a leadership role in strengthening the relationship between schools and low-income parents by implementing community-centered strategies for parent involvement. […]

Motivational Enhancement Therapy: A Tool for Professional School Counselors Working with Adolescents.

Many adolescents whom professional school counselors regularly counsel are ambivalent and unmotivated to behavioral change. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a counseling approach designed specifically for clients with these qualities. The purpose of this article is fourfold: (a) to identify the complexity and misconceptions of counseling adolescent students, (b) to introduce school counselors to the […]

Helping Children Transition from Kindergarten to First Grade.

This article documents the challenges that young children face as they move from kindergarten to first grade and the important role that elementary school counselors can play in working with students, parents/caregivers, and teachers during this critical period of development. Research- and practitioner-based recommendations for effective interventions are discussed. ********** Download Now Read Online

Collective Self-Esteem and Burnout in Professional School Counselors.

The authors examined the relationship between collective self-esteem (i.e., the extent to which school counselors possess favorable perceptions of their professional or social group) and professional burnout in a sample of 533 school counselors. They also explored whether there were significant differences in professional burnout in school counselors by sex, geographic location of work setting, […]

I Never Wanted to be a Salesman, But Here I am; The Art of Motivational Interviewing and Why “Selling” is a Crucial Skill for All Health Care Professionals (Counseling) (Viewpoint Essay)

Imagine my great surprise when I happened to read about sales techniques while preparing a lecture on Motivational Interviewing and noticed the overlap between the psychological literature and how-to-sell literature. Although I don’t attempt to persuade people to make psychological changes that I judge to be unnecessary, I do nevertheless attempt to persuade; I try […]

Are u ok?

A licensed marriage and family therapist and YouTube personality, Kati Morton answers the most commonly asked questions about mental health, including when to get help and where to find it. Get answers to your most common questions about mental health and mental illness — including anxiety, depression, bipolar and eating disorders, and more. Are u […]


On June 9, 2008, the butchered body of Travis Alexander was found in his Mesa, Arizona home. The grisly nature of his death made instant headlines: with twenty-nine knife wounds, his throat slit, and a gunshot to the head, Travis was left to die. The prime suspect in the case was Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, the attractive […]


Strong emotions that we don’t know how to handle effectively lie at the core of so many difficulties in the life of the individual. They can affect our relationships with loved ones, and how we function in our work. They play a profound role in how we feel about ourselves, and can even affect our […]

Cognition and Crime

The rational choice perspective developed by Cornish and Clarke in 1986 provides criminologists with a valuable and practical framework for purposes of crime control and prevention. More than twenty-five years later, Cognition and Crime pushes the boundaries of this field of research by bringing together international leading (or emerging) researchers in this area of script […]