Perceived Records Management Practice and Decision Making Among University Administrators in Nigeria (Report)

Introduction Records management in developing countries, and indeed Nigeria is yet to attain the level of attention and support that it has received in countries of the developed world. All organizations, including the university systems, especially as nearly the entire product of administrative decision-making and service delivery are in the form of information. The records of an organization, such as the university system, constitute her corporate memory which supplement human memory and serve as guides for effective planning and decision making. Records are invaluable to university administration. Thus, in order to take advantage of past experiences, accurate records and good records keeping are the bedrock of planning for the future in the university system. Popoola (2000) stated that information and records management are the bedrock of business activity. If there is no information, the management is crippled in its planning and decision-making processes. Information is the factor input in achieving rational organizational decision-making and high quality service delivery. It is needed to develop, deliver and assess the effectiveness of organizational policies, make informed choices between alternative courses of action, provide the basis for openness and accountability, protect individual rights and enforce legal obligations

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