Perception-based Data Mining and Decision Making in Economics and Finance

The primary goal of this book is to present to the scientific and management communities a selection of applications using recent Soft Computing (SC) and Computing with Words and Perceptions (CWP) models and techniques meant to solve some economics and financial problems that are of utmost importance. The book starts with a coverage of data mining tools and techniques that may be of use and significance for economic and financial analyses and applications. Notably, fuzzy and natural language based approaches and solutions for a more human consistent dealing with decision support, time series analysis, forecasting, clustering, etc. are discussed. The second part deals with various decision making models, particularly under probabilistic and fuzzy uncertainty, and their applications in solving a wide array of problems including portfolio optimization, option pricing, financial engineering, risk analysis etc. The selected examples could also serve as a starting point or as an opening out, in the SC and CWP techniques application to a wider range of problems in economics and finance.

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