PERSONALITY TESTS: Personality has become increasingly resourceful over the years to identify the right person for the right job. Personality tests seeks to establish a deeper understanding of personal characteristics that often supply employers with an insight into recognising a strong candidate. These tests provide valuable information for employers, for which they can piece together to gain an overall impression of the applicant. Although it is often acknowledged that there are no wrong or right answers for personality tests, this book aims to provide you with the resources to gain an understanding of what you’ll have to face if ever asked to take a personality test. When you undertake a real personality test it is important to remember that the test you are taking is being used as a type of screening purpose to determine the best candidate for the job. Therefore by understanding the specific characteristics that are important for your position, you will be able to fully prepare yourself. 

Created by the UK s leading recruitment experts, this comprehensive guide includes: 
Hundreds of personality test questions
Detailed explanations of personality traits
Master how to answer personality test questions effectively and get the job you want
Discover your personality traits
Increase your chances of success in your job selection process
Packed full of insider tips and advice

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