Porcupine Pflu

Gather up all of the data and make a decision!

Decision-making during a crisis tests the mettle of any corporate executive, but Porcupine Pflu gives illustrations of how to make critical plans during a pandemic caused by the Hen 1 Pflu Virus. Told from the animals point-of-view, each story or Pfable in Porcupine Pflu has a take-home message or moral.
The original story, Pfarma Pfables, laid the groundwork for the trials and tribulations of the Chief Executive Warthog and the tumultuous environment at his company, Big Pfarma. Porcupine Pflu picks up after the retirement of the Chief Executive Warthog. His successor, Chief Executive Hyena, and Big Pfarma are faced with a pandemic caused by the dreaded Hen1 Pflu Virus!
Big Pfarma must help all of the porcupines in the Verdant Valley and surrounding valleys by developing a vaccine and getting it to the porcupines before it is too late!

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Porcupine Pflu | psikologx | 4.5