Practice and Research in Career Counseling and Development–2009 (Annual Review)

A review of the 2009 career counseling and development literature indicates that the field remains vital, vibrant, valid, and viable precisely 100 years after its founding. Using the field’s 4 fundamental traditions of person-environment fit, life-span development, social cognition, and constructivism-social constructionism as lenses for considering articles across customary topical areas, the review examines the 2009 career counseling and development literature to consolidate knowledge about advances in theory, assessment, and intervention. The review concludes with a general discussion and the author’s top 10 favorite articles for 2009, with encouragement to the reader to develop a personal favorites list. In 1909, the posthumous publication of Frank Parsons’s book Choosing a Vocation effectively spawned counseling as a profession. One hundred years later, 2009 commenced the second century of career counseling and development. The field today remains a counseling subspecialty rooted in the early 20th-century vocational guidance movement to assist people in “making [the] greatest decision” (Parsons, 1909, p. 5) of their lives. Although some may rightly argue about the supremacy of occupational choice relative to other life decisions, and even the very opportunity of such choice for many people (Blustein, 2006), few would argue about the universality and centrality of work as a source of sustenance and, potentially, an instrument of self-development and social contribution.

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