Pre-marital Counselling In a Multicultural Society

Pre-marital counselling in a multicultural society is a toolkit for premarital counsellors, marital and family counsellors. It contains premarital assessment instruments, inventories and questionnaires for marital skill building and case studies. It is useful in dealing with potential marital hurts and as a channel of Gods healing through Christ Jesus. It also presents the biblical and theoretical backgrounds of the work. It explores the family and how each member relates to the family and their combined contributions to the functioning of the family as an organism. It explores activities that take place during the counselling session: activities of the couple in the presence of the counsellor and some home work. It presents tips for daily marital walk and explores live related cases studies encountered in premarital counselling. These are instruments that can be used as in counsellor training, practicum, premarital or marital counselling sessions and marital education and premarital preparations classes.

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