Preparing New Entrants for Subordinate Reporting: A Decision-Making Framework for Writing.

This study resulted in a conceptual framework to facilitate decisions about rhetorical and linguistic choices for subordinates reporting to superiors. Soon-to-be new hires graduating from business schools in Singapore and the midwestern United States responded to reporting scenarios. Their responses were scored holistically on overall effectiveness. Analyses of subsamples revealed four issues where these students had difficulties reporting in writing: contribution, deference, ownership, and objectivity. An analytical tool incorporating these issues and textual alternatives was then used to score a large subsample. Correlations between the holistic scores and scores on the analytical tool suggest that the four issues are distinct yet complementary, with contribution on one side of a continuum and deference on the other. The finding that Singaporean respondents scored higher on deference than contribution, whereas the reverse was true for U.S. respondents, suggests the usefulness of the framework when used for cross-cultural teaching and research. Keywords: subordinate reporting; deference; contribution; organizational voice

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