Professional School Counselors’ Approaches to Technology (Perspectives FROM THE FIELD)

Existing literature in the field of school counseling discusses how technology may be used for service delivery” however, the translation of this knowledge to practice among school counselors has been minimally examined. Three hundred eighty-one school counselors in Colorado, Iowa, and New York completed a survey regarding their comfort with and use of technology. Findings indicate that the majority of those surveyed were very comfortable with technology. Implications for school counselors are presented. A common theme in the school counseling literature includes the use of technology, specifically an argument that school counselors need to utilize technology to improve their program and delivery of services (Hebert & Neumeister, 2001; Kuranz, 2002; Sears & Granello, 2002). It is suggested that effective and efficient uses of technology among school counseling professionals are necessary for making guidance and counseling programs more comprehensive and an integral part of our schools (Sabella, 2000; Sabella & Booker, 2003). The sophistication of modern information and communication tools (e.g., film, video, personal digital assistants, virtual communities, multimedia presentations, and e-mail) influences the manner in which students are educated and counseled (Casey, 1995; Hebert & Neumeister; Sabella & Halverson, n.d.; Sabella & Isaacs, 2002; Tyler & Sabella, 2004).

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