Recent Advances in Decision Making

This book demonstrates
the success of Ambient Intelligence in providing possible solutions for the daily
needs of humans. The book addresses implications of ambient intelligence in areas
of domestic living, elderly care, robotics, communication, philosophy and
others. The objective of this edited
volume is to show that Ambient Intelligence is a boon to humanity with
conceptual, philosophical, methodical and applicative understanding.  The book also aims to schematically
demonstrate developments in the direction of augmented sensors, embedded
systems and behavioral intelligence towards Ambient Intelligent Networks or
Smart Living Technology. It contains chapters in the field of Ambient
Intelligent Networks, which received highly positive feedback during the review
process. The book contains research work, with in-depth state of the art from
augmented sensors, embedded technology and artificial intelligence along with
cutting-edge research and development of technologies and applications of Ambient
Intelligent Networks. This book is intended to introduce ideas, methods,
technologies of the future development of humanity, Science and Technology.

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