Red Flags of Love Fraud: 10 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath

You’re in a romantic relationship. It started out as a whirlwind of attention and affection, but now you have a gnawing fear that something is terribly wrong.

Or you were in a relationship that was verbally, emotionally, financially or even physically abusive. That person is gone now, but you still don’t know how you fell into it, and you’re scared it will happen again.

Or someone you care about is hooked up with a partner who worries you. You can’t understand how your friend or relative got involved, and why he or she doesn’t leave.

In all of these situations, the person causing the problems may be a sociopath. No, sociopaths are not all deranged serial killers. But they are the most destructive people on earth—and few of us know they exist.

Red Flags of Love Fraud explains exactly what a sociopath is. It outlines the top 10 warning signs of sociopathic behavior, and what you should do if you see them. You’ll learn:

• Why sociopaths seem to be your soul mate
• The real risk of online dating
• How sociopaths seduce you
• Why there’s no such thing as “just sex”
• Why you can become addicted to a sociopath
• How to end the relationship safely
• How to protect yourself from human predators

Donna Andersen, author of Red Flags of Love Fraud, based this book on her personal experience—and on the experience of thousands of people who recounted their involvements with sociopaths in two Internet surveys. It is the most comprehensive description of sociopathic relationships ever produced. And in explaining how sociopaths seduce their targets, and why people fall for the deceit and manipulation, Andersen draws upon the work of top experts in the field.

Red Flags of Love Fraud tells you, in clear, straightforward language, how to spot and avoid sociopaths. If you’ve already tangled with one of these social predators, the book will show you that you’re not alone. And it will help you understand what happened, so that you are never victimized again.

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