Scalability, Density, and Decision Making in Cognitive Wireless Networks

This cohesive treatment of cognitive radio and networking technology integrates information and decision theory to provide insight into relationships throughout all layers of networks and across all wireless applications. It encompasses conventional considerations of spectrum and waveform selection and covers topology determination, routing policies, content positioning and future hybrid architectures that fully integrate wireless and wired services. Emerging flexibility in spectrum regulation and the imminent adoption of spectrum-sharing policies make this topic of immediate relevance both to the research community and to the commercial wireless community. • Features specific examples of decision-making structures and criteria required to extend network density and scaling to unprecedented levels • Integrates sensing, control plane and content operations into a single cohesive structure • Provides simpler and more powerful models of network operation • Presents a unique approach to decision-making and to mechanisms for adjusting control plane activity to ensure network scaling • Generalises the concepts of shared and adaptive spectrum policies • Addresses network transport operations and dynamic management of cognitive wireless networks’ own information seeking behaviour

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